Moxa's Smart I/O Solutions

Easy-to-Use Automation Software Overview

Moxa’s innovative data acquisition software helps businesses simplify the process of integrating I/O devices with an existing network. Active OPC Server and DA-Center, for example, help users gather data faster and more efficiently, and are used to identify, assess, and monitor potential risks. In addition, Moxa’s patented Click&Go front-end control logic makes it extremely easy for even novice users to program Moxa’s data acquisition products.

Increase Efficiency with Moxa’s Active OPC Server

Traditional OPC servers use the “poll, response,” or so-called “pull” architecture, to connect to remote IO devices. With “polling,” an HMI/SCADA system continuously sends commands to remote devices to inquire whether or not the devices have relevant data to report. The two main drawbacks of polling are (1) the response time could be longer than desired since it is affected by the polling interval, and (2) continuously sending signals to large numbers of remote devices can take a huge bite out of your network bandwidth.

Moxa’s Active OPC Server software operates as an OPC driver for an HMI or SCADA system. It offers seamless connection from ioLogik products to a number of different SCADA systems, including Wonderware, Citect, and iFix. With Active OPC Server, Moxa’s remote I/O devices can achieve faster communication with SCADA systems. Active OPC server uses event driven ”active tags“ to deliver instant I/O status reports to SCADA systems much faster than traditional poll-based architecture.

OPC DA 3.0 supported
Event-driven tag updates by I/O or time change
Automatic tag generation
Firewall-friendly connection from remote ioLogik devices

Anticipate Unforeseen Events with DA-Center

In traditional remote data acquisition applications, users need additional human resources to collect data manually from remote storage and also to perform data logging and other analyses during daily operations. Moxa DA-Center, a ready-to-run data gateway, makes it much easier to perform these types of tasks. DA-Center provides a standard OPC interface that interacts with Moxa Active OPC Server for real-time data collection. The interface acts as a bridge between field data and IT databases or spreadsheets, and a trend chart tool is also provided to perform historical analysis.

The DA-Center package includes several stock charts for basic data analysis. Users can retrieve data from a database table or a spreadsheet and automatically convert it into chart format, zooming in or out along the different axes, thus making it extremely easy to display and analyze historical data. In a smarter world, DA-Center is an essential tool that turns information into insight, helping users make informed decisions rapidly.

Convert field data to ODBC compliant databases
Convert field data to Excel or Access spreadsheets
Flexible dataset configuration for connecting to multiple remote devices
Embedded trend charts for historical analysis

Programming-Free Click&Go Control Logic

Moxa's patented Click&Go software provides a smart, front-end intelligent control logic that eliminates the need for control devices to communicate with a remote host. Click&Go’s intuitive, graphical interface and simple IF-THEN-ELSE control logic, which defines how Moxa’s remote I/O devices respond to different events, is easy and straightforward to set up. Click&Go supports active alarming and communication methods, including TCP, UDP, SNMP Trap, email, and CGI commands, making it extremely easy to integrate Click&Go with any monitoring system.

IF-THEN-ELSE code-free configuration
PC-free control intelligence
Active alarm messaging via email, SMS, SNMP Trap, and TCP/UDP