Reliable CNC Communication and Real-time Monitoring

Process control and environmental conditioning can impact a factory’s bottom line as much as the performance of the production line itself. To stay ahead of the competition, cutting-edge factories require reliable CNC communications networks for transmitting data from the control room to CNC machines, and for taking advantage of smart I/O condition monitoring solutions that provide real-time information to help optimize the CNCs’ potential to increase productivity.

Benefits of Moxa’s CNC Communications and Monitoring Solutions

Reliability and Durability

  • Safe and reliable data transmissions
  • On-chip flow control for precision processes
  • 1 kV surge protection on serial interfaces
  • Robust product design and key industry certifications

Communication Optimizations

  • Bridge-mode function supports both serial and Ethernet protocols in one serial-to-Ethernet device server
  • Data transfer optimizations for improved data scheduling

Real-Time Process Control Monitoring

  • Proactive data acquisition for real-time asset monitoring
  • Intelligent local alarm alerts personnel when maintenance is required
  • Data logging and several stock charts for basic data analysis

Customer-Oriented Services

  • A stable supply of products
  • Drivers for any OS
  • Trusted worldwide sales and technical services