Reliable CNC Communication and Real-time Monitoring

Real-Time Process Control Monitoring

Maintaining the output from different manufacturing processes within a desired range not only enables a small staff to operate complex mass production lines from a central control room, but also optimizes enterprise resource allocation. Having the right information at the right time for all the assets on the factory floor also helps technicians identify trends and anticipate system failures. And advanced notice provides operators with sufficient time to implement corrective action.
Moxa’s innovative condition monitoring solutions are designed to provide factory operators with the real-time asset information they need, and simplify the process of integrating I/O devices within an existing automation network. Moreover, Moxa also provides easy data integration software for more efficient, accurate, and complete data acquisition to optimize process control.

Increase Efficiency with Moxa’s Active OPC Server

Moxa’s Active OPC Server software is used to create seamless connections from Moxa’s ioLogik products to a number of different SCADA systems, including Wonderware, Citect, and iFix, and allows Moxa’s remote I/O devices to achieve faster communication with SCADA systems. Active OPC Server uses event driven “active tags” to deliver instant I/O status reports to SCADA systems more quickly than is possible with a traditional poll-based architecture.


Anticipate Unforeseen Events with DA-Center

DA-Center supports data logging and several stock charts for basic data analysis. Users can retrieve data from a database table or a spreadsheet and automatically convert it into chart format, and then zoom in or out along the different axes, making it extremely easy to display and analyze historical data.


Programming-Free Click&Go Control Logic

Moxa’s patented Click&Go software provides a smart, front-end intelligent control logic that eliminates the need for control devices to communicate with a remote host. Click&Go’s intuitive, graphical interface and simple IF-THEN-ELSE control logic, which defines how Moxa’s remote I/O devices respond to different events, is easy to set up and straightforward to use.

Benefits for CNC Process Control Monitoring

Smarter Computer Integration

  • Optimize supply chain management
  • Audit all system assets
  • Improve asset performance
  • Enhance security with active intrusion alarms

Enhanced Predictive Capabilities

  • Improve productivity with machine status updates and trend charts
  • Automate asset condition monitoring
  • Optimize efficiency by monitoring user-defined statuses
  • Maximize value captured from each production unit

Distributed Process Control Monitoring

  • Centralized and distributed networking
  • Ethernet, Modbus TCP, and Profibus support
  • Process control for user-defined objects
  • Smarter process control strategies

Intelligent Motor Monitoring

  • Seamless integration with different asset types and interfaces
  • Access to diagnostic data from any connection node across the communication backbone
  • Faster and simpler monitoring configuration and simple front-end control logic
  • Enhanced electrical safety and productivity
  • Real-time CNC control and monitoring


Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

ioLogik E1200 Series

Ethernet remote I/O with mixed I/O combinations, 2 Ethernet switch ports, SNMP



ioLogik E2200 Series

Ethernet micro RTU controller with mixed I/O combinations, SNMP, Click&Go control logic