Industrial Ethernet Switches and Gateways

Performance+ ‧ Efficiency+ ‧ Flexibility+

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions, including industrial Ethernet switches and industrial Ethernet gateways, can optimize PLC network performance, efficiency, and flexibility. Our industrial-grade certified solutions are interoperable with protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP/IP. Every device is ruggedized to excel in mission-critical applications for production and process automation, such as water & wastewater, oil & gas, food & beverage, chemical automation, and can be integrated into any large-scale distributed SCADA monitoring systems.

Solution Benefits

Best-in-class performance   Advanced efficiency   Maximum flexibility
ensures high network capability simplifies configuration and monitoring converges various applications
Industrial Ethernet Switches

< 10s fast booting
< 20 ms Ethernet


Full status


200+ models for
Topology flexibility

Industrial Ethernet Gateways

Up to 16 fieldbus


 Smart MGate
Relay output


Fieldbus flexibility


Optimized Network Deployment for Industrial Control Systems


Modern industrial control systems can contain various types of PLC controllers and fieldbus devices. SCADA systems are management level tools used for remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics, and HMI is used for on-site control and monitoring. Network components such as PROFINET / EtherNet/IP switches and gateways deliver fast and secure data transmissions to provide reliable network status information for remote diagnostics.

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches offer industry-leading redundancy, fast booting capability, full status parameters, and flexible topologies to ensure high network reliability, availability, manageability, and flexibility of industrial control systems. In addition, our industrial Ethernet gateways are easy-to-configure to quickly integrate legacy field devices to the control network, and easy-to-maintain for rapid monitoring and troubleshooting of fieldbus-to-Ethernet communications. Moxa’s integrated solutions, the one-stop shop for industrial control networks, can reduce the total cost of ownership and increase PLC network productivity.

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Featured Products
Industrial Ethernet Switches
EDS-405A/408A Series
5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches
(EtherNet/IP and PROFINET-enabled models available)
EDS-608/611/616/619 Series
8, 8+3G, 16, 16+3G-port compact modular managed Ethernet switches
Industrial Ethernet Gateways
MGate 5101-PBM-MN Series
1-port PROFIBUS-to-
Modbus TCP gateways
MGate 5102-PBM-PN Series
1-port PROFIBUS-to-
PROFINET gateways
MGate 5105-MB-EIP Series
1-port Modbus-to-
EtherNet/IP gateways
(Available in Q2, 2013)