Industrial Ethernet Switches and Gateways

With maximum performance, efficiency, and flexibility,
Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches and gateways
enable PLC network optimization

Best-in-class performance ensures high network capability

Moxa’sindustrial Ethernet switches allow fast start-ups in less than 10 seconds and fast recovery times of fewer than 20 ms with Turbo Ring/Turbo Chain media redundancy for better network performance and system availability. Furthermore, new andexisting automation systems can be flexibly integrated and extended without system interruption with Moxa’s innovative Turbo Chain redundancy technology, which enables a maximized uptime and save substantial deployment costs. Gigabit Ethernet switches, from GbE to 10GbE performance, are also available to ensure high data rates for heavy traffic or large-scale workgroup applications.

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet gateways provide an easy and high-performance solution for connecting fieldbus devices to industrial Ethernet networks. Our Modbus gateways exceed traditional gateway performance and are equipped with a powerful 32-bit ARM processor to handle requests from up to 16 master device connections and up to 31 slave device connections.

Master/Slave Performance Table for Moxa’s Modbus Gateways

Modbus Gateways Master Slave
MGate 5101-PBM-MN Up to 16 Modbus TCP masters Up to 31 PROFIBUS DP-V1 slaves
MGate MB3000 series Up to 16 Modbus TCP masters1
Modbus RTU/ASCII master
Up to 31/62 Modbus RTU/ASCII slaves (1/2-port)
Up to 32 Modbus TCP salves
Advanced efficiency simplifies configuration and monitoring

Moxa’s plug-n-play switches enable zero-configuration networking. With Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP compliance, these swtiches can be seamlessly integrated into various SCADA monitoring system for network status monitoring. For example, Moxa’s EtherNet/IP-enabled switches, the EDS-405A/408A-EIP series, provide EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) files and AOI (Add-on Instruction) objects for FactoryTalk® View SCADA software and Allen Bradley PLC intercommunications. Moxa’s PROFINET-enabled switches, the EDS-405A/408A-PN series, are certified for RT PROFINET (Confromance Class B, RT Class I) and can be easily integrated into the Simatic Step 7 engineering tool by supporting GSD (General Station Description) files and Step 7 device icons. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet switches are equipped with complete status parameters for interconnecting with industrial control systems and also support a variety of network management functionalities, such as IGMP snooping, IEEE 1588 PTP V2, VLAN, QoS, and SNMP, to enable efficient and intelligent network monitoring.


In addition to switches, Moxa’s industrial Ethernet gateways offer automated functions on its web-based MGate manager management software to integrate fiedbus devices with industrial Ethernet networks in just a few minutes. AutoScan enables one-click configuration to detect PROFBUS devices, QuickLink provides automatic and error-free I/O mapping by passively detecting Modbus requests, and AutoCalibration ensures one-click detection of response timeout settings, eliminating the need for manual trial-and-error configuration. From MGate manger, the protocol analyzer can monitor I/O data and easily troublehoot critical events through event logs. In addition, a user-friendly relay output warning is available to ensure quick onsite notifications for maximum monitoring efficiency.

AutoScan: Fast, simple, and error-free configuration of PROFIBUS connections Quicklink: Automated and error-free PROFIBUS I/O mapping AutoCalibration: One-click detection of response timeout
Maximum flexibility converges various applications

Moxa offers with over 200 selections of protocol-enabled industrial Ethernet switches to cover various application scenarios, such as fixed and modular type switches, FE to 1GbE/10GbE ports, 5 to 52 copper port densities, fiber/SFP/M12 options, DIN rail or rack mounting, IP30 to IP54 protection, and standard/wide temperature models. These switches are IPv6 ready for next generation networking and adhere to a variety of industry-recognized standards such as Class 1 Division 2/ATEX zone 2 and UL 60950-1 for process automation, to ensure the highest level of reliability, flexibility, and adaptability under any environmental condition.

Moxa’s 1 or 2-port industrial Ethernet gateways, including Modbus gateways, PROFINET gateways, and EtherNet/IP gateways, offer flexible fieldbus-to-Ethernet integration for various protocols. In addition, some gateways support -40 to 75°C operating temperature (T models only) and are Class 1 Division 2/ATEX zone 2 compliant (Modbus gateways only) to ensure network reliability in harsh environments.

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